We are committed to exceptional client service that is driven by technology.

We focus strongly on delivering exceptional personal service to all our clients, whilst harnessing the value enhancing role of technology.

We have chosen to fully embrace digitalisation and automation to enable basic tasks to be dealt with efficiently. 

Our clients benefit from a technology-infused service that combines technology with exceptional professional advice that is delivered in a personal way and tailored way to meet individual client needs.

Unicorn Vault

Our ‘Unicorn Vault’ is a safe and secure web-based digital safety deposit box. All Moray Group clients benefit from a no-cost modern day equivalent of a traditional safety deposit box at a bank.

Unicorn Vault allows clients to access all of their files, critical personal papers, financial, legal and personal documents and property deeds whenever and wherever they need to. Permissions can also be set to allow access by professional advisers to key documents and to the passing of the entire Unicorn Vault to pre-determined family members in the event of certain prescribed circumstances.

We continually develop new applications and work hard to identify new and emerging technologies that we believe will enhance the client experience. Our ability to seamlessly integrate complimentary technologies and blend them with exceptional client service allows us to differentiate ourselves from other professional service providers.